The Hotel

Our mission is your satisfaction.

Rua Frati 48

Making our guests feel at home in luxury. This is the goal that we set ourselves every day here at Rua Frati 48 in San Francesco di Modena. A real philosophy of hospitality, which goes beyond modern and elegant environments, the quality of the products, the impeccable service. A creed that leads us to give our best every day with your serenity and relaxation as a goal.

Luxury redefined

Tradition and modernity

The ancient and the modern are combined at Rua Frati, creating a whole that leaves you breathless, and manages to make the spaces of the hotel sumptuously elegant and intimately welcoming at the same time. We have taken the best from the historicity of the sixteenth-century building and combined it with the highest quality furnishings. The result is before your eyes. Welcome to Rua Frati 48 in San Francesco.


Our history

Your 5 star destination.

The fact that Rua Frati is part of the Italian historic houses should not mislead. In fact, what we have done is to enhance the precious heritage that the hotel itself is, bringing it to its current dimension, with modern furnishings of the highest quality, Frau leather armchairs and bathrooms with large Jacuzzis. The best of yesterday and today, amalgamated for you in a single splendid reality.

Exceptional welcome

Every detail is precious

It’s the details that make the difference at Rua Frati in Modena. Every detail is taken care of to perfection, until you get to form a whole that will not leave you indifferent. From the materials, to the furnishings, to the finishes, up to the layout of the individual rooms, everything is devoted to the highest quality, an expression of true luxury.

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